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What are the raw materials of FRP lighting panels?

1. Reinforcement material
The commonly used reinforcing materials for FRP panels are glass cloth, untwisted glass roving, and chopped glass fiber mat.
The untwisted glass roving used in the continuous FRP corrugation molding process should have good cutting properties, dispersibility, wettability of branches, and no or less static electricity.
Chopped glass fiber mat At present, the specifications of chopped glass fiber mat commonly used in China are EMC300, EMC450, EMC600, which have the characteristics of uniform density, good permeability, no pollution, weather resistance, light transmission and so on.
2 resin matrix
Most of the continuous FRP corrugated sheet forming processes use unsaturated polyester resin (UP) resin, which has high mechanical strength, good weather resistance and impact resistance, and also has a low shrinkage rate and appropriate viscosity, so as to be suitable for glass The fiber has good impregnation and discharge.
3 film
The film requirements for continuous FRP corrugated sheet forming have a smooth surface and no wrinkles. The most important thing is to have high tensile strength and certain heat resistance to ensure that the film is not deformed during the corrugated sheet forming process. According to the use of FRP corrugated sheet film It can be divided into two types: process film and anti-aging film.
a. Monofluoroethylene film has excellent resistance to atmospheric and light aging, and can make the corrugated board use up to 20 years.
b. Polyester film.
4. Other auxiliary materials
The auxiliary materials in the formulation of the resin used in FRP sheets include initiators, accelerators, pigment lakes, and ultraviolet absorbers. Now methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is commonly used. The light transmittance of the board is as high as 87% or more.
FRP sheet includes FRP corrugated board, FRP corrugated board, FRP flat board, gel coat board, FRP particle board, FRP gutter and other related products.