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What are the differences between roof panel and wall panel? What are the two characteristics

1. Roof panel is a kind of wall decoration material processed by certain technology after high temperature treatment. The roof panel is generally made of MDF, which is moisture-proof and mothproof, easy to clean, mildew proof, and has a good decorative effect.
2. Wall panel: it is a kind of decorative material that is processed into wall decorative panel with a thin wall building material, and then processed through painting and other processes. It is mainly used in wall decoration. It can be moisture-proof, mildew proof, moth proof, moisture-proof and corrosion resistant, and can also be used in wet environments such as toilets.
3. Wallboard: wallboard is a decorative material made of natural wood or wood grain, which is made of natural wood by hot pressing. There are two kinds of wall panels in the domestic market:
One is made of decorative plates or paint with patterns and colors;
The other is wood products or decorative materials processed from the board. The roof panel is generally made of natural wood, mainly including teak, beech, ash willow, paulownia and other tree species to form "six wood" furniture, soft bags and other furniture materials. The production methods include direct carving and wallpaper,
At present, the most commonly used wall panel in China is made by direct carving, plastic and other processes. Its main processes include: grinding, folding, modeling and processing; It can also be used for surface decoration of different materials (such as non-woven panels, wood boards, wallcoverings, wallpapers, etc.). Decorative wall decoration. It has the advantages of bright colors, environmental protection, rich colors, mosaic, various patterns, etc However, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and waterproof treatment in use, and attention should be paid not to contact acid and alkali substances to avoid damage to the roof panel due to discoloration The wall panel can be decorated by the installation method freely selected according to personal preferences.
It is generally made of boards or furniture brands made according to the living style Its surface decoration effect is good, and it can be made into various decorative materials such as wallpaper or wallcloth to be processed into wall decorations for indoor use. It has the characteristics of elegant appearance and outstanding decorative effect; Suitable for all kinds of environmental decoration, especially for