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What are the main uses and noise damage of PC endurance board soundproof windows?

What are the main uses and noise damage of PC endurance board soundproof windows?
If you want to make your life more and more quiet, or if you want to perfect a good and quiet natural environment, you should choose some highly efficient sound-absorbing materials, such as endurance boards, which have become a warm welcome of many customers.
How about the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of endurance board? What harm does noise cause?
First, if you work for a long time or live in a condition where the sound level is more than 90, it will directly affect your English hearing and lead to other diseases such as heart and blood vessels. Noise can also have psychological effects. It is easy to get excited under high-frequency noise. It is also easy to feel upset and listless, and it will also harm the work efficiency.
Second, nowadays, in residential areas, commercial office buildings, industrial plants and other areas, endurance panels have been applied to the soundproof windows of the Party Committee. In practice, we have already felt the substantial effect of Zui produced by the endurance board soundproof window.
Third, in fact, the key to the thermal insulation performance of the endurance board soundproof window is the polycarbonate, which accounts for 80% of the total area. The endurance board developed from this kind of raw material has an effective sound insulation effect. In addition, it is the airtightness of windows and doors. In the sales market, some soundproof windows are constructed with different endurance plates based on the working principle of sound wave frequency co-seismic scattering and cooperation, which can also improve the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.
Fourth, in terms of the leakproofness of the soundproof window structure, the application of high-quality sealant strips and plastic sealing parts can also solve the problem of poor leakproofness of the endurance board soundproof window at a certain level.