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Main uses of PC endurance board are key across the industry

Main uses of PC endurance board are key across the industry
(1) It is suitable for garden landscape, amusement park, unique indoor decoration and lounge;
(2) Suitable for interior and exterior decoration of office buildings and building curtain walls of contemporary urban houses;
(3) It is applicable to the installation of public telephone booths, advertising guide signs, light box billboards, and exhibition presentations;
(4) It is applicable to instrument and equipment, surface, high and low voltage distribution cabinet control panel and national defense industrial production;
(5) Suitable for wall, roof, screen partition and other advanced house decoration materials;
(6) It is applicable to sound barrier of expressway and urban elevated road;
(7) It is applicable to agricultural and animal husbandry greenhouses and feeding greenhouses;
(8) Suitable for the ceiling of contemporary ecological restaurant;
(9) It is applicable to all enterprises or small area bicycle sheds, living balcony sunshade awnings and roof rest pavilion sheds;
(10) It is applicable to the lighting ceiling of office buildings, department stores, hotels, single-family villas, campus, hospital clinics, sports venues, entertainment areas and public facilities.
(11) It is applicable to the transparent shipping container, motorcycle windshield, aircraft, train, cargo ship, vehicle, steam boat, submarine and laminated glass police shield of airlines.