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How to judge whether the PC endurance board is qualified? Not with inferior quality?

How to judge whether the PC endurance board is qualified? Not with inferior quality?
When many consumers want to buy PC endurance boards, they will think about how to prevent them from purchasing inferior PC boards. If one accidentally buys an unqualified PC endurance board, then the application and maintenance of the middle and late stage is a very big long-term consumption. How can we prevent the purchase of unqualified PC endurance boards? How to distinguish whether it is inferior or not?
At this stage, PC endurance boards have become increasingly critical raw materials for production and processing in the manufacturing industry. But there are many kinds of plastics. If customers do not understand the basic knowledge of commodities, they will give merchants a chance to cheat, which will make sellers succeed and make illegal profits. For example, organic board, PC endurance board, PS organic board and MS board are very similar in appearance, and it is impossible to identify them when compared with boards of the same color. Invisibly, when the shopkeeper still has the opportunity to replenish too much money, it will gain combustible profits, endanger the rights and interests of customers, and also have relatively serious regular adverse effects on customers. Because the raw materials are different, their production and processing functions are also different. So I think today I will learn how to identify plexiglass (acrylic), PC, PS and MS boards, and teach you the skills of identification. Let the marketing chain and supply chain management develop in the right direction. Next, we will show you the commonly used plastic plate identification method.