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How to determine the thickness of roof panel

It needs to be calculated according to the reinforcement.

The thickness of the cast-in-place floor shall be determined by the floor size and reinforcement at the location according to the design requirements.

The floor thickness of general civil residence is 80-160mm according to the use, bay size, reinforcement, concrete strength, etc. If it is thicker, the beam will be generally added. The appropriate thickness is calculated by the designer. The allowable error is - 5mm~+8mm.

Main features of roof panel

1. Light weight; The density of aluminum is 2.73 g/cm ³, Only 1/3 of steel.

2. High strength; High strength can be achieved through composition configuration, processing and heat treatment.
3. Corrosion resistance; It has the ability of self rust prevention. The formed oxide layer can prevent metal oxidation and corrosion, and has good acid and alkaline resistance.
4. The surface treatment is diversified and beautiful. It can be anodized, electrophoretic, chemically treated, polished and painted.
5. Good plasticity and easy processing;
6. Good conductivity. Non magnetized and low spark sensitivity can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce flammability under special environment.
7. Easy installation; Aluminum metal can be riveted, welded, glued and other ways to connect.
8. Environmental protection, 100% recyclable.