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How about the heat resistance of endurance board

How about the heat resistance of endurance board
Endurance board, like sunshine board, is made of polycarbonate (PC) epoxy resin. It is a kind of plastic polymer with excellent performance. The polycarbonate solid core board, PCEXO glass, PC solid core board and wear-resistant steel that people often hear in daily life refer to PC endurance board. In import and export trade, its real name is the same as Sunshine Panel, which is called polycarbonate control panel.
The PC endurance board is impact resistant, collision resistant and unbreakable. In fact, we can learn something about this from the name of the endurance board. Its hardness is very shocking, hundreds of times higher than that of reinforced glass. It is widely used in anti-theft and EXO industries. After installation, it is very firm and safe.
Second, with excellent production and processing re plastic deformation energy, PC endurance plates can not only be bent, but also be arched, and even bent into semicircle and semi arc shapes according to different engineering construction and installation.
Third, the lighting and aging resistance of the endurance board are very obvious. The PC endurance board is not only very transparent, or conductor and insulator, but also can block ultraviolet rays. Its permeability is basically the same as that of glass. It also has the characteristics of reducing fire. It is a very good raw material for fire safety lighting.
Fourth, the PC endurance board has a very good heat resistance effect. It is not only cold resistant, up to minus 40 degrees Celsius, but also heat-resistant, up to 125 degrees Celsius.
Fifthly, the PC endurance board is relatively light, with a net weight less than half that of glass. It is convenient to transport, and its engineering construction, installation and management methods.