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FRP roof sheet

frp light-mining plate is a daylighting material used in conjunction with steel structure. It is mainly composed of high-performance upper film, reinforced polyester resin and glass fiber, among which the upper film should be
It plays a very good role of anti-ultraviolet and anti-static. Anti-ultraviolet is to protect the polyester of FRP light mining plate from yellow aging and premature loss of light. Antistatic is to ensure that the dust on the surface is easily washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind, to maintain a clean and beautiful surface. Because of its stable quality and durability, it is very popular with customers and can be widely used in the roofing and wall of industrial/commercial/civil buildings.

Function similar to commonly used glass, mainly used for roof lighting, can have similar wavy and molded steel plate consistent shape, belongs to glass fiber reinforced plastic, characteristics are as follows:

1, with good crushing resistance, easy cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, easy installation and so on

2, the product lighting light is astigmatism, soft light, high transmittance, can effectively block the vast majority of UV

3, the product belongs to flammable materials, can be in the fire, quickly burning after the indoor smoke discharge, can reduce the fire casualties, the product does not produce droplets in the combustion process, can effectively protect the safety of the scene personnel

High quality FRP is essential

Raw materials: high quality unsaturated polyester resin + high performance anti-aging film + high quality glass fiber

Function: UV resistance + chemical corrosion resistance + self-cleaning + aging resistance + powder resistance + light transmittance to maintain high
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Strength refers to the maximum stress value of the object when the FRP light-mining plate is damaged by force, including tensile, bending, impact, shear and other strengths.

Stiffness indicates the resistance of FRP daylighting board to deformation. Therefore, when FRP light-mining board is formed, it can improve the stiffness by doing reinforcement bars in some parts or by using subfibers on the surface.

The curing degree of FRP light mining plate is more than 85%, so the light mining plate produced by our company has both stiffness and toughness, and is not brittle, easy to construction and installation.

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Item bending strength Tensile strength impact shear strength density oxygen index babbitt hardness

Test results 181Mpa 105Mpa 96Mpa 1.43g/cm

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750 type, 840 type, 820 type, 980 type, 950 type, 900 type, 475 type, 760 type, and 1m-3m wide plate and so on more than 100 types of plate.

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Economy type, weather resistant type, heat insulation type, flame retardant type, anticorrosive type five major types.

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Industrial plant roof wall lighting, agricultural vegetable greenhouse insulation lighting, public sports stadium roof lighting, special requirements of building flame retardant anticorrosive heat insulation and other places.

Seven FRP lighting plate is now used by the national standard :GB/T14206-2005.