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How to use the skeleton of PC endurance board

How to use the skeleton of PC endurance board
With the improvement of our living standard, we have attached great importance to the good PC endurance board, and the sales market of the secondary board is gradually dissipating. With the transformation of intelligent sales market, PC endurance boards have been widely used in modern architecture and life, such as greenhouse roofs, office buildings, public facilities, factory buildings

The natatorium decoration design and the decoration design of partition decoration suspended ceiling are due to the practical effects of pc endurance boards, such as good permeability, daylighting, sound insulation and noise reduction. In particular, the selection of various colors can add an artistic beauty to the city. pc endurance boards have a good development. Therefore, in the future sales market, middle and low end pc endurance boards may be replaced by high and middle end boards.

PC endurance board is a kind of rubber product with excellent comprehensive performance, which has good physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Therefore, PC endurance board has the reputation of "the first transparent plastic". It has the advantages of excellent impact resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, daylighting, UV shielding, flame retardancy, etc. It has been tested by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fire Retardant Building Materials, and its ignition performance has reached Class B1 according to the GB8624-1997 specification. The PC endurance board has a skeleton, and the spacing of the skeleton should be based on the width of the sunlight board, which is generally 2.1 * 6m. The spacing of the skeleton zui is 1.05 * 1m, and the zui is inclined. Because the PC endurance board itself is relatively soft, if the skeleton is too wide, it is very easy for snow to bend down.

PC Endurance Board Product Characteristics The transmittance of the sunlight board is up to 82%. The energy saving and environmental protection of pc endurance board has low thermal conductivity and good fire resistance. The impact resistance of pc endurance plate - 200J has no crack for 10mm two-layer plate. The application temperature range of sunlight plate is 40 ℃ - 120 ℃. The chemical property is stable. The weathering aging test lasts 4000 hours. The flame retardant meets the GB8264-2003 specification.

PC endurance board is widely used in the lighting and awning of public and industrial buildings, the roof of safety passage, the sound insulation board of elevated roads, the machine cover of large shopping malls, and the greenhouse of green plants. It is an ideal raw material of light shed in the current world Zui, and is a new generation of commodities widely pursued and praised by the contemporary architectural decoration design community.