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Endurance plate is gradually replacing explosion-proof glass

Endurance plate is gradually replacing explosion-proof glass
Endurance plate is better than explosion-proof glass. Endurance plate is made of polycarbonate (commonly known as PC) with high compressive strength. It is used as raw material for explosion-proof shield and explosion-proof glass. And it can be cold drawn, which is more convenient than explosion-proof glass in modeling design. But the surface of the endurance board should have a UV layer, otherwise it will become brittle and yellow.In the 21st century, more and more endurance boards are used in various fields of daily life:
1. It is suitable for garden landscape, fancy decoration of recreation places and corridors and pavilions in resting places;
2. It is applicable to the interior and exterior decoration design of public buildings and the building curtain wall of contemporary urban houses; (Endurance board)
3. It is applicable to full transparent sea containers, motorcycle windshields, airports, trains, freighters, vehicles, motor boats, submarines and glass police shields of airlines; (Endurance board)
4. It is applicable to the layout of public telephone booths, advertising signboards, light box billboards and exhibitions; (Endurance board)
5. Applicable to instruments and equipment, instrument panel, control panel of high and low voltage distribution cabinet and national defense industrial production; (Endurance board)
6. Suitable for high-end interior decoration raw materials such as wall, roof and screen partition;
7. It is applicable to sound barrier of expressway and urban elevated road;
8. Applicable to modern agricultural greenhouses and breeding greenhouses;
9. It is applicable to bicycle sheds, sunshades and awnings on living balconies and roof rest pavilions in all enterprises or small areas.