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Differences between PC Endurance Board and High Density Fiberboard

Differences between PC Endurance Board and High Density Fiberboard
Endurance board, like multilayer board, can be used as building decoration materials, but its characteristics are different from each other. This is also where endurance board manufacturers need to remind many consumers that they must learn how to judge these two types of boards. This is also to start from the characteristics of endurance board and multilayer board.
The advantages of endurance boards are different. I have paid attention to them repeatedly. I just need to understand that if they are used for decoration, they can also be used for further scraping and coating production and processing. At the same time, the endurance board in Guangdong Province also has excellent plasticity, so there will be no problem of dehydration; If you need to use other raw materials, just stick them on the surface of the endurance board.
Multilayer board is actually a kind of plywood, which has soft texture, impact resistance and is very easy to reproduce. It can be used to make skirting, door jamb, windowsill stone and other commodities at the decoration level. However, once the raw materials encounter strong alkali, it is very likely that they will be corrosive, so they should be used with great caution.