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Characteristics and advantages of pc endurance board

Characteristics and advantages of pc endurance board
1、 Impact resistance and flame retardancy
The impact compressive strength of PC endurance plate is 80 times that of glass, and that of solid core plate is 200 times that of glass. It can prevent crushing during the whole process of transportation, installation and application. In addition, the Zui of PC endurance plate has obvious characteristics, and it is not easy to crack like common glass. It can prevent damage to people and greatly ensure safety.
The fire temperature of pc endurance board is 630 ℃ (220 ℃ for wood). The board's flammability is GB (8624-1997 Class B1), which belongs to fire-resistant construction materials, according to the national fire safety building materials quality inspection and testing agency.
2、 Organic chemical corrosion resistance
Pc endurance plate has excellent organic chemical corrosion resistance, and can withstand the corrosion of various organic substances, strong oxidants, weak acids, edible oils, neutral solutions, alicyclic hydrocarbons and ethanol at room temperature. High temperature and cold resistance
3、 Pc endurance board has good resistance to temperature difference, can meet various extreme weather changes from cold to high temperature, and maintain various physical performance parameters stable in the range of - 40 ℃ to+120 ℃.
Photochemical reactivity
Pc endurance plate has large light transmittance of zui in invisible light and near-infrared induction spectrometer. Depending on the hue, the light transmittance can reach 12% - 88%.
Anti ultraviolet light, anti embrittlement
The surface layer of pc endurance board contains a co extrusion layer to block ultraviolet rays, which has good outdoor weather resistance, and has stable electronic optical characteristics and mechanical equipment characteristics for long-term application.
4、 PC endurance board is light
The PC endurance board is light in quality, which is 1/12-1/15 of the same glass. It is safe and easy to transport and install. It can reduce the weight of the building itself, simplify the overall design, and save installation costs.